InsulPro’s vision

Creating Better Environments

“We will be creating better living environments all over the world while protecting the biggest living environment of all.”

Paul Vujcich and Godfrey Hall began making insulation together in New Zealand in 1993. They were the first to bring polyester blended insulation to the New Zealand market. Publicity around dangerous construction materials such as asbestos and formaldehydes in glues, coupled with the new availability of affordable hollow polyester fibres, were the ingredients that formed the NOVAtherm range.

Insulation creates a healthier, more comfortable, home environment. A recent University of Otago study showed that improved heating and insulation cut hospital admissions for respiratory conditions by 38% and energy use by 19%. Insulation is also a low cost step that can be taken to abate greenhouse gas emissions. Reduced electricity consumption means a smaller carbon footprint.

(Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman et al. Effect of insulating existing housing on health inequality: cluster randomised study in the community. University of Otago, February 2007.)

“At InsulPro our commitment to the environment is more than greenwash – it’s how we’ve always done business. Our manufacturing process requires no glues. Polyester is not a protein so we don’t have to treat it with insecticide to stop it being eaten. It is fully recyclable – this means all of our waste is able to be fed back through the process. Polyester, PET, is the same material that plastic bottles are made of. We can now buy fibres that are extruded from chipped up bottles, and we do. Every thermal insulation product we make contains recycled fibres. What better use for a waste material than turning it into a product that stops greenhouse gas emissions? We believe our products save people money, improve people’s health, and enable them to make a positive contribution to the environment.”

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