ASB Theatre improves acoustic performance with NOVAhush

The ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre, was officially opened by Dame Kiri Te Kanawa in 1990. With over two decades of events under its belt, the auditorium was in need of refurbishment and had been discussed for a number of years. Construction finally began in 2011 and was split into two stages. Stage One concentrated on the auditorium’s existing ground floor and Stage Two included the refurbishment of the circle area.

The scope of work included provision for new seating, new flooring, wall and ceiling coverings, a significant upgrade to the existing HVAC system, provision for a smoke extract system, building services renewals and major house lighting replacement. In addition to the aesthetic improvements, there was a focus on improving the acoustic performance in the theatre to allow reverberation to be adjusted in response to differing events.
InsulPro worked with the construction team, in conjunction with third parties, to provide a solution to the acoustic reverberation and echoing. The solution: NOVAhush Panel Absorber which was installed behind perforated wooden panels (friction fitted between timber studs) to help manage acoustic performance.

NOVAhush Panel Absorber  NOVAhush Panel Absorber

A recent review by Penny Dodd , 19 April 2013, stated ‘The improvement to the acoustics is remarkable and very welcome. The orchestra sounds amazing, such richness, detail and clarity of sound, which no doubt contributes to their committed performance.’ Penny continues ‘All in all, the acoustical improvements in the theatre are a great success. I am aware of an increased presence of the sound as a result of improved reflectivity and enhanced reverberation. When the staging is at its best you now feel surrounded, enveloped by the music, both vocal and orchestral, swept along in the passion and pathos, an experience a good evening at the opera should deliver.

If you have a chance to attend an event in the newly refurbished ASB Theatre, we hope you appreciate the enhanced performance of not only the event, but the acoustics.

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