Providing a restful night’s sleep

InsulPro insulation is so soft and safe you can sleep on it – literally!

Futon refers to bedding traditionally used in Japan and Korea. ‘Futon’ is phonetic English for a Japanese word which means ‘bedding’.

FutoNZ (a New Zealand owned and operated business) manufacture quality Futon bases and mattresses, containing fibre layers for their many New Zealand customers. How does a polyester manufacturer of insulation come into this story? InsulPro have long been helping Futonz with their Delux Futon mattress. Since day one, InsulPro polyester blanket and panels have been used within the layers of the Cotton, Polyester and Wool mattresses, as the products provide extremely effective insulation qualities. And they last!

Innovafibre™ has a 100% high density polyester fibre core used in some of the Futon mattresses.

Not only can InsulPro products keeping your family home warmer and drier, but they can also help provide you with a restful night’s sleep.

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