InsulPro wraps new eco-house in Christchurch

A factory-built show home went on display in Christchurch in March 2013, with its developers claiming it provides a blueprint for warmer, healthier homes which lower power bills.

The new home was built using InsulPro polyester insulation – NOVAtherm R3.6 Ceiling blanket, NOVAtherm Underfloor pads and NOVAtherm Wall pads.  The house was so warm, it claimed that an equivalent house in Auckland would survive winter without extra heating.

InsulPro wall insulation installedBeacon Pathway Chief Executive, Nick Collins commented “When you come to build a house, insulation is a very small cost item.  But the more you invest in it, the warmer and healthier the home, and the lower the power bills will be in the future.  It’s a no-brainer.”  Other features of the house include:

  • Solar water heating
  • Rain water tank
  • Top-spec double glazing
  • Wood pellet burner

Whilst it is a prototype, over the following year, the home is on show at the Home Innovation Village (HIVE) at Canterbury Agricultural Park, its energy efficiency will be tested.

Eco-home at HIVE in Chistchurch

We look forward to informing you of those results as they come through.

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