Insulation helps Quad 5 achieve 5-Star Green Star rating

The Challenge

The new commercial building at Auckland Airport, Quad 5, was designed by Jasmax to meet a 5-Star Green accreditation and was dependent on a number of sustainable design initiatives, which included guidelines for thermal and acoustic insulation.

Quad 5 BuildingSolution

Jasmax specified a variety of InsulPro insulation products including NOVAtherm Ceiling and Wall insulation.  NOVAtherm R3.6 Ceiling blanket, used in the ceiling cavity was specified for its Environmental Choice accreditation contributing to the buildings Green Star rating.

Environmental Choice recognises InsulPro’s near zero waste production practices, our use of recycled polyester fibres which come from recycled plastic bottles and the fact that InsulPro’s polyester products are fully recyclable.

NOVAhush Acoustic insulation features in the office environment to limit noise transfer.  InsulPro also developed a new polyester strapping system to hold and brace the insulation between ceiling purlins.  The made for easier and faster installation over traditional wire mesh methods for fixing, and was less expensive.  The new strapping system is also highly durable, ensuring quality was not compromised.

In addition, all InsulPro products comply with provisions of NZBC for thermal insulation and come with a 50 year warranty.  BRANZ Appraisals also apply to most products.

InsulPro products are manufactured at two New Zealand sites – Milton and Auckland.


InsulPro’s products were used to help achieve a more sustainable design process, meet thermal envelope targets and accreditation for Green Star Buildings.

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