Supporting local communities

InsulPro, a New Zealand manufacturer of polyester insulation , is working with Work and Income to support the local South Auckland community.

Traditionally, InsulPro’s recruitment of production staff was fairly conventional until December 2009 when one of the production staff suggested contacting Work and Income offer businesses quick, easy and no-cost recruitment services through a dedicated Work Broker.

Together, InsulPro and Work and Income embarked on a recruitment plan for production staff at the East Tamaki insulation plant.

The process is made simple for InsulPro as Work and Income screen the initial candidates and only present people fit for the available position. Work and Income also provide in-work support available for both employee and InsulPro,  which is invaluable.

When recruiting, Alex Davies (Auckland Factory Manager) assesses candidates using a number of criteria but the Ray_and_Alexoverwhelming motivation is “If someone wants to work, let’s give them a chance – and Work and Income helps achieve this.”

“Working alongside Work and Income has provided a number of valuable employees for InsulPro, who have since been promoted and received recognition for their work” said Alex.

InsulPro’s philosophy is around:


and to strive to achieve this in every aspect of business.  The relationship with Work and Income helps us realise this philosophy and ensures:

Employment opportunities and advancement for job seekers

  • Ensures a healthier lifestyle for employees
  • Fulfils staffing requirements
  • Ensures continued training and support for employees
  • Provides community support

InsulPro’s culture reinforces this philosophy – where work ethic and positivity strongly lead from the top.  Alex remain steadfast in his conviction that staff work hard and we are InsulPro_Team_with_WINZall a team – everyone looks after each other!

“All new staff are fully trained, support and open lines of communcation are held – ensuring all staff know what is happening on the plant at all times” said Alex. 

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