Looking for a top 1S interior surface lining?

By installing NOVAhush Panel Absorber in a home or commercial building, you have chosen a product that meets the highest fire specification level for an interior surface lining.

InsulPro’s NOVAhush Panel Absorber underwent the ISO 9705 fire test to meet the fire requirements in Australia and New Zealand.

The product achieved the highest fire performance rating, with a group 1S result!

A group 1S rating means that InsulPro’s NOVAhush Panel Absorber can be used in any interior surface lining application for commercial and residential construction. So when specifying or installing NOVAhush Panel Absorber you don’t need to be concerned about using multiple products to meet the different interior surface fire requirements within a building.

NOVAhush can be used across all interior surface applications as well as HVAC ducting – your one stop solution!

NOVAhush Panel Absorber is made in New Zealand by InsulPro. It is polyester acoustic insulation that is made using fibres from recycled plastic bottles. It is available as a semi-rigid board in white or black polyester, with a white, black or grey polyester inner.

It can be applied in factories, workshops, cafes, restaurants, gyms, halls, offices, sports centres, cultural centres and, in fact, anywhere where the focus is to reduce noise!

From April 2013 new fire requirements come in force for interior surface linings and HVAC ducting. A group number system will be introduced to replace the SF1/SD1 system. The group number system is based on an ISO 9705 test, where products are fitted on the walls and ceiling of a special test room, and are subjected to up to 1000kW of heat produced by a gas burner for 20 minutes.

NOVAhush Panel Absorber is designed to melt away from sources of heat and that is exactly what was observed in the test. There was no flashover during the test and the amount of heat produced by the product was only 40% of the maximum permitted for Group 1.

The “S” in the new rating relates to the smoke measure. This rating is required in areas of the building where there are no sprinklers.

NOVAhush Panel Absorber is compliant with the Building Code of Australia C1.1 (AS ISO 9705) and the New Zealand Building Code C/VM2 (ISO 9705) as a surface lining material for walls and ceilings and also as a HVAC duct lining and Exitways.

To view the NOVAhush Product Range please click here

For full specification details and to discuss NOVAhush Panel Absorbers for your project contact us today:

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