How can insulation help reduce the damp in your home?

A recent study by Growing up in New Zealand showed that in Auckland, Counties-Manukau and Waikato, 14.9% of babies’ homes are “quite often” damp and 5.5% are damp “always or almost always damp”.

Cold and damp homes can affect the health of your family.  Home insulation can assist in creating a warmer, drier home which will have a positive impact on the health of your family.  For example in 2007 research by the Wellington School of Medicine showed that improved heating and insulation cut hospital admissions for respiratory conditions by 38% and energy use by 19%. 

The New Zealand Herald recently had an article on the impact of babies living in damp homes.  To read the full article please click here

Insulation for you and your family

InsulPro’s polyester insulation has been designed specifically for New Zealand homes and is made right here from the same fibres that are in duvets and pillows, so it’s safe, healthy, and soft to touch. By insulating your home with NOVAtherm Ceiling and NOVAfloor Underfloor Insulation you’ll create safer, quieter home that retains heat, saves you money on your power bills and creates a healthier home to live in.

Everyone’s backing you to insulate your home today

There is a range of funding options available to help you pay for home insulation:

Up to $1,300 toward the cost of insulating your home

If you home was built before the year 2000 and has insufficient ceiling and under floor insulation, then you are eligible for a subsidy of up to $1,300 as part of the Government’s ENERGYWISE programme.

Financial assistance from Regional councils

There are other options available to assist you in creating a warmer home with insulation.  A number of councils offer various levels of funding and finance options to help you cover the cost of you home insulation.

The Auckland City Council Retrofit your Home programme allows you to apply for up to $5,000 financial assistance through the council to help you get your home retrofitted. This assistance is repaid over nine years through a targeted rate included on your rates bill.  Terms and conditions apply and for more information visit the Auckland City Council website 

The Hawkes Bay Regional Councils programme, HeatSmart, is available to assist ratepayers with the cost of fitting ceiling and underfloor insulation and replacing non-compliant burners and open fires.  Funding is open to homeowners with properties built before 2000 and options include a non-repayable grant or a loan which is repaid through the property’s rates over 10 years.  If you are a home owner, check out the Hawkes Bay Regional Council website.

Greater Wellington Regional Council is providing financial assistance of up to $2,600 per ratepayer to help fund the remaining cost of home insulation and clean heating over and above the grant provided by EECA ENERGYWISE programme. This can be repaid by way of a targeted rate over a 9-year period.  To read more about the council is offering visit the Greater Wellington Regional Council Website

Marlborough District Council is providing financial assistance to help fund that proportion of the costs not covered by an EECA grant.   The programme will enable eligible ratepayers to repay their financial assistance grant via a targeted rate over a nine year period.  Terms and conditions apply so visit the Marlborough District Council website.

Under the Pay as you Heat scheme the Council will replace your enclosed burner with a heat pump, or a pellet burner or a Council authorised woodburner, and upgrades your insulation.  It offers you the opportunity to fund the remainder of your insulation costs over 10 years.  Terms and conditions apply so visit the Nelson City Council

To help pay the balance, after the government ENERGYWISE subsidy,  homeowners can  apply to the council for a Voluntary Targeted Rate for up to $2600 towards an approved insulation and/or up to $3500 for a clean heating solution. This is paid back with interest over nine years along with your property’s rates as a separate voluntary rate.  For further informatioan visit the Tasman District Council website

 Adding the cost of insulation to your mortgage

Have a talk to your bank; you may be able to add the cost of home insulation to your mortgage. To assist further, ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Kiwibank, The National Bank, TSB and Westpac have all agreed to waive the associated fees for a top-up loan to cover insulation costs.

Call us today

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 Information valid as at 18th April 2012

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