What steps do you need to take to insulate your home today?

Winter is once again knocking on the door and we thought you might like to know what steps to take in creating a warmer, healthier home for you and your family with our polyester insulation.

Steps to insulate your home today

Create a warm home with insulation this winter

Check to see if you have adequate underfloor and ceiling insulation.

The easiest way to check insulation is by measuring the thickness each winter. Typically, ceiling insulation should be between 140mm and 200mm thick.  Underfloor insulations range from 50mm for high density products through to 100mm for lower densities and you should refer to the manufacturers label for the required thickness.

The next thing to check is that there are no gaps in the insulation for heat to escape through.

What insulation products are available?

There are various solutions available which include fibre glass, wool, polystyrene and polyester insulation.

To ensure a healthy home environment we recommend you choose a product that is safe, guaranteed, environmentally friendly, and free from insecticides and glues. InsulPro polyester insulation ticks all the boxes.

Why wait insulate today!

Call a us on 0800 100 007 to find a professional installer who can visit your home to assess your insulation or visit www.insulpro.co.nz/contact

Great subsidy and funding options available

You may be entitled to $1,300 off the cost of your home insulation. If your home was built before 2000 and has insufficient insulation, you are eligible for up to $1,300 subsidy on your NOVAtherm Ceiling and NOVAfloor Underfloor Insulation as part of the ENERGYWISE™ programme.

Auckland, Hawkes Bay and Greater Wellington Regional Councils offer various levels of funding and finance options to help you cover the cost of your insulation.

You may be able to add the cost of your home insulation to your mortgage. Have a chat to your bank.

Book in your installation

Winter is a busy time for installers so make sure you book in as soon as you can. Once you have InsulPro’s ceiling and underfloor insulation installed you will wonder why you waited so long to insulate your home.

Why InsulPro’s ceiling and underfloor insulation?

  • Saves you money, creates a warmer, healthier home for you and your family
  • Uses fibre made from recycled plastic bottles – What better use for a waste material than turning it into insulation?
  • Locally owned and manufactured – proud to be Kiwi and supporting New Zealand homes
  • Polyester is not a protein so it doesn’t need to be treated with insecticides
  • You don’t even need protective gear to install it – it won’t irritate or scratch your skin.
  • It’s the same material that most duvets and pillows are made of
  • From the day it’s correctly installed and adequately protected it will perform for 50 years – we guarantee it!
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