ENERGYWISE™ and InsulPro raise funds for Christchurch

Brand new house insulation and energy efficient appliances are being sold on Trade Me
to raise funds for Christchurch’s earthquake recovery efforts.  The products have been donated by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority’s (EECA)ENERGYWISE partners, including InsulPro (, and all proceeds will go directly to the Red Cross.

The products include 13 heat pumps and their installation, worth up to $5,500 each,
six fridges worth up to $1,499 each, a Sony Blu Ray DVD player, six low-flow shower heads from Methven, carpet for two garages, and 12 lots of ceiling and underfloor insulation for a 150m2 house, worth around $4,000 each – at a total retail value of around $130,000.

Mike Underhill, EECA’s Chief Executive is impressed with the value of products that have been donated. “These products are high-ticket items and the generosity of our partners
is fantastic. All the appliances are ENERGY STAR rated for efficiency and we know
insulation makes a real difference to the comfort of New Zealand homes.”

The Trade Me shop was an initiative of EECA staff who approached suppliers to donate products.  InsulPro generously donated NOVAfloor Underfloor Insulation and NOVAtherm Ceiling Insulation.

Murray Page, General Manager of insulation manufacturer InsulPro says the company had
been debating how best to contribute to the earthquake appeal when EECA approached them for a donation. “The Christchurch earthquake has touched and impacted us,” said Mr Page. “We decided that donating some product for auction would have a double benefit – it would not only raise some funds for the recovery effort, but it would also allow the successful bidder to improve the warmth and health of their home.”

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