Award winning home that is warm, healthy and comfortable to live in

The award winning home is located on a narrow urban site in the heart of Herne Bay. Tight site controls and a sloping site resulted in a long narrow building form that steps down the slope of the site.

One of the main features of the house is the entry which is reached by a bridge that crosses a moat of planting. The entry is glazed with translucent glass to give privacy and a beautiful soft light to the interior spaces. The entry space is protected by a vertical cedar screen with intermittent horizontals painted with colours that have also been used on the interior and inspired by the homeowners’ fantastic collection of 1950 -60s furniture, art and ceramics.

Once inside an open riser jarrah and steel stair with a hanging screen of stainless steel mesh leads either upstairs to the main living level or downstairs to the bedrooms and a second family living area.

The rooms on the lower level open out to the usually redundant side yards surrounding the house with each room having its own terrace and outdoor space.  The building steps down the site and culminates in a terrace and pool off the family living space.

Light and privacy is modulated on the upper levels by opening and closing vertical lourveline panels or either cedar or aluminium. The living space opens out to a generous deck which with glimpses of the harbour.

Playful colours, finishes and hoop pine cabinetry enliven the interior spaces and the exterior materials of fine vertical cedar shiplap, double skin bagged brick reflect the clients’ love of fifties and sixties architecture.

The home is warm in winter and cool in summer due to Insulpro’s NOVAtherm Ceiling
and Wall Insulation and NOVAfloor High Density Underfloor Insulation.  The insulation installed was over and above what is required by the New Zealand Building Code, creating a warmer, healthier home for the family which is more energy efficient and sustainable.

The polyester insulation is made from recycled plastic bottles and any off-cuts during the installation process were put back into InsulPro’s manufacturing process, resulting in zero waste.  The insulation is 100% safe and healthy as it is non-irritant, non-toxic and the fibres are bonded by heat, removing the need for glue which contains formaldehyde.

For peace of mind for the homeowner, the insulation is covered by a 50 year guarantee.   Some of the insulation solutions in the market collapse over time. InsulPro guarantees that as long as the insulation is installed correctly and adequately protected, their insulation solutions will perform to the same level 50 years later.

The home has won two Registered Master Builders Awards which are the Registered Master Builders Award Auckland Region – Gold Award 2010 and the Registered Master Builders National House of the Year – Gold Reserve Award 2010

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